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Eat Right Now

Three trips

This project prompt was to map at least 8 data points from three trips: my apartment to Ryder Hall, my apartment to home and my apartment to Split, Croatia. I decided to include mode of transportation, distance, time, emotion, speed, when I listen to music, food and drinks consumed, and location information.

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Country data: Iran

Displaying 24 data points for Iran in geography, population/demographics, economy/agriculture and energy/media consumption in addition to a timeline with 14 events.

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Detail view: Iran's main agricultural exports

Detail view: Area of Iran compared to US states

Media usage

Our assignment was to track and display a week's worth of media usage. I focused on news 'digests', Twitter, Instagram, phone calls, texting, Slack, Netflix, email and Rdio because that is typically where I both consume and publish information. I created a three-axis graph to display these sources, day of the week and minutes of use.

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Designer Accordion

Wrote a short biography of Edward McKnight Kauffer's life, analysis of his series of posters for the London Underground and brief summaries of historical contexts. Designed an accordion around the text, and added a running timeline of major artistic movements, significant world events and important Kauffer milestones along the top.

Spread from the middle of the accordion, analysis of Kauffer's London Underground posters

Detail of section title typography

Full accordion, six full spreads

First sheet of accordion
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Eat Right Now

Brand and campaign design


Website design


Founder and CEO

New Grounds Food

Brand and packaging design