Eat Right Now

Branding and social campaign design for Graphic Design 2


Fall 2013



Information Design



Encouraging people to support local food

For Margarita Ponce's Graphic Design 2 class, we were challenged to conceptualize and design a social campaign. Because I was having a great time at the farmer's market, my cause was to encourage others to eat locally. Then, when I was home for the weekend in early September, I stumbled upon my parents' old photo albums. There were so many pictures of them and their siblings apple picking, playing with my great-uncle's chickens in Croatia, at picnics with the rest of the family, etc. These photos fueled the aesthetic of the campaign.

Eat Right Now (Get it? Like eat right, now, and eat, right now.) is targeted at parents who remember "the good ol' days" before the mass production of super processed foods, mega grocers, etc. The visual language and messaging is intended to conjure feelings of nostalgia and wholesomeness, persuading people that a return to home-cooked, family meals is possible.

Series of three posters to be hung around Boston.

Posters in vivo.

The semester culminated in a presentation of our campaign to the class and a book showcasing all assets and applications. We designed a series of posters (above), a series of 3D applications and a final, extra piece for which I chose to produce a "Guide to Local Eating in Boston."

Various logos to demonstrate color scheme

Left top: "I'm a local" woodcut into shipping box

Left bottom: Final book, visual language spread

Right: A friend looking through Eat Right Now's "In Your Neighborhood" guide to local eating

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